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Star Proof’s Isi Calibration System (ICS) gives you a comprehensive set of tools to achieve excellent color matching between proof and press, offering traditional color calibration and fine controls for matching inks via color shade, calibration curve and dot gain compensation. And with superb reproduction of blacks and grays, and options for handling UCR and GCR, you can easily achieve quality levels that are difficult for many systems based on ICC profiling.

At the heart of ICS is a straightforward process and powerful for color calibration - one which is intuitive to press operators. ICS uses spectrophotometer readings to analyze and compare printing press target charts and proof printer calibration charts. The readings are input to Star Proof which then creates a system profile for the specific press and saves this for future use.

Star Proof implemented ICC profile on top of ICS color management technology to remain all advantages of ICS. This feature allows users to import standard press ICC profiles. In addition, the user has tools that allow the creation of their own custom ICC profiles that produce great visual results with low Delta E value. Users can view Lab and CMYK value and apply flexible color adjustment, set maximum total ink for printing and import spot color Lab value from spectrophotometer devices.
You can save calibration time by using ICS’s auto-calibration for automated reading of color patches with the X-Rite DTP-41 or EyeOne. ICS’s auto calibration takes the device measurements and prepares a color curve with the appropriate gamut which you can then fine tune for even more precise color matching.
Star Proof uses compressed 1-bit TIFF separations as source data to create proofs so you can use Star Proof with almost any PostScript/PDF RIP.
In areas of the proof where overlaps between C, M, Y and Black are shown, Ink Tuner lets you adjust the color densities of individual inks and control shadow areas and view actual ink values in real time. Ink Tuner automatically manages the process of adjusting ink levels to ensure ink hues are unaffected which gives a robust system to control both color and density in selected areas - a process not possible with many ICC color management system.
Star Proof Remote Print Station gives print companies a cost effective solution to providing customers with the capability to print contract proofs locally on inkjet printers in their own offices - shortening approval cycles and improving the service to your customers. Using an ftp server running under Mac OS X, Remote Print Station takes color corrected proofs over the Internet from the print company’s master Star Proof station and controls output to the local printer. Files can be compressed for transmission and then decompressed at the remote print site. With a Remote Print Station to control each printer, Star Proof is also capable of proofing simultaneously on multiple printers which may be sited locally or remotely - enhancing throughput and increasing flexibility of workflow.