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Star Proof is an innovative proofing solution to produce high quality screened contract proofs on inkjet printers - quickly and economically. With its Actual Dot system to replicate original screening and dot patterns at proofing resolutions, Star Proof delivers top quality proofs with a hard dot, sharp images, accurate color and fine detail - just as they will appear on the press. And with ROOM proofing architecture to resample the same set of high resolution separations that are sent to the platesetter/imagesetter, Star Proof ensures data integrity between proof and print.

Star Proof gives you all the controls you need for faithful reproduction of images on inkjet printers. To maintain image sharpness, Star Proof uses the actual dots of the original RIPped 1-bit data, preserving dot patterns, screening and rosettes on the proof. The results on high quality inkjet printers are stunning and contract-quality proofs.

Star Proof color management tools are designed for actual dots proofing to simulate printing press process character to ensure that you produce color proofs that truly match final press sheets. Add in a powerful set of productivity features for managing spot special colors, oversize printing, soft proofing, progressive proofs, simulate misregistration and remote proofing - you have a complete cost-effective solution for today’s demanding proofing needs.

Printing processes using coarse screening or different screen ruling will have a major influence on the visual impression and color gamut.

The foundation of Star Proof’s powerful capabilities to produce top quality screened proofs is in it’s analytical engine, Actual Dot - right down to rosettes, fine line art, text at just 1pt, and even defects such as moire patterns.

Whether you work at a design agency, in commercial printing, the packaging industry or in newspaper production, you will have experienced the frustration and cost to your business when printed sheets do not match the proof. You may find differences in color or inconsistencies in text flows or fonts. Whatever the problem Star Proof has the answer. Star Proof is a Rip Once Output Many [ROOM] workflow that creates proofs from the dot patterns of high resolution separations that are sent for final output. In non-ROOM workflows there are two separate RIPs - one for proofing and one for final output at high resolution. Operational errors and software differences between these two RIPs can easily create discrepancies between proof and the plate. Star Proof overcomes these problems using a proprietary technology to convert the high resolution bitmaps directly to a format suitable for output on the proofer - ensuring complete data integrity to eliminate costly mistakes on the print run.

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