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Taking full advantage of the new Duo and Quad core technologies, the MaxPro RIP efficiently processes the most challenging of designs to produce editable raster files for use in MaxPro.

After RIP processing, the resulting MaxPro file consists of a Continuous Tone (CT), High Resolution Continuous Tone (HCT) and Linework (LW) layer which provide a wide range of editing and trapping opportunities.

Users can choose from a variety of output resolutions and options available, one of which is the ability to specify
how vector and contone elements will be independently treated when processed. This feature is particularly important when dealing with transparency effects as it assists in delivering a smooth transition between contone and vector areas.

Utilizing established and proven RIP technology, MaxPro RIP accepts a wide range of file formats, all of which can be submitted via hot folders or by directly printing across the network to pre-defined page set ups.

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