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Star Proof offers new features for packaging applications that able simulate the plate dot characteristics of flexo printing to ensure that your proofs accurately reflect what will be produced on the press.

Screening dots prepared for flexo plates are normally adjusted in width or height by a small percentage to compensate for expansion during printing. Star Proof Distortion expands distorted dots to the original size with user controls to correct the size of the screening dots based on the original distortion ratio or the expansion ratio. Star Proof also compensates for the lost of small dots in the transfer to flexo plates during plate making. By entering a Dot Lost size, any screening dots smaller than this size will be removed and will not appear on the proof.

Flexo printing, especially for printing on corrugated media, has extremely high dot gain of up to 15% to 20% and normal dot gain adjustment cannot compensate dot gains of this magnitude. Star Proof’s Extreme Dot Gain increases screening dot size dramatically by adding a border of 1 or more pixels around the screening dot - again, giving you the confidence that what you see on your proof matches the press.

Misregistration is an option for simulates the press miss registration per separation, allows you to check if the applied trapping distance covers the press miss registration tolerance to avoid gaps.
Dot Lost is an option for simulate flexo, letterpress or etc.plate not able to hold some small dots printing result. If input 65 micron in Dot Lost text field those dots smaller than 65 micron will missing on the proof.
Extreme Dot Gain is an option for increase the raster file dot gain. Input number of pixel value in Extreme Dot Gain text field for increase dots and objects border to simulate the plate pressure on printing press.

Color Shade Estimate option provides spot color auto fine tuning and report to assures consistent color quality by measuring and comparing color values.
Invert Separation option is to invert any special separation. It is very useful to simulate white color reverse printing on transparency media result. Normal ink jet printer not able to print white ink but this feature allow to invert white separation channel to print gray as transparent area.
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