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News Release - 29/04/2008

Graphic Republik to showcase MaxPro®, a new professional Pre-press system
at the Drupa Innovation Parc - Hall 7 Stand 7.0.C.

The Drupa Innovation Parc 2008 will see the worldwide debut of MaxPro®, a new suite of software applications dedicated to the prepress sector of the printing industry. MaxPro is the second solution to be developed by ISIGS, the Malaysian software organization responsible for the Star Proof inkjet proofing system. Graphic Republik have been chosen as the exclusive European distribution partner for the MaxPro suite of applications.

MaxPro consists of three applications, all developed for the Macintosh operating system:

1) MaxPro® - A professional Pre-press system which allow users to easily edit MaxPro files, apply individual zonal traps to both continuous tone (CT), High-res continuous tone (HCT) and Linework (LW) elements, manipulate process and spot color plates either individually or globally and create bespoke separations. Users can also take advantage of powerful masking tools, unavailable in other software applications to efficiently and simply create press ready files.

2) MaxStep® - A powerful application enabling the creation of step-and-repeat layouts for a wide variety of printing processes such as Gravure, Narrow format label printing and Packaging. With MaxStep, users have the ability to interactively create bespoke step and repeat layouts, or use pre-defined electronic die cut guides to automatically generate layouts according to the requirements of the printer or converter. Max Step also delivers a full range of numbering, user generated or integral plate furniture options.

3) MaxPro RIP® - A postscript Level 3 RIP with features developed specifically for MaxPro, is capable of processing PDF 1.7, PDF/X-1a:2001, PDF/X-3:2002, PDF/X-3:2003, PDF/X-4 and PDF/X-4p files. MaxPro RIP delivers more processing power and more flexibility to Prepress departments, particularly when dealing with transparency and layer effects.


Graphic Republik was founded in January 2008. It’s aim is to source unique and powerful solutions for distribution across the Graphic Arts industry in Europe and Scandinavia and in doing so, establish a focused and dynamic network of professional and technically aware partners.

Graphic Republik’s agreement with ISIGS, the software development house responsible for Star Proof brings MaxPro, a professional pre-press system aimed at providing powerful but intuitive tools for the creation of press ready files.

Graphic Republik is privately held by its management and is headquartered in London, England.

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Image 1 - The MaxPro user interface allows for extensive masking, trapping and editing enabling prepress operators to quickly and effciently create press ready files.

Image 2 - A powerful Auto Match Die facility within MaxStep automatically matches single files and CAD generated layouts without the need for time consuming measuring or manual file placement.